Package net.firstpartners.rp.plugins

Plugins - extension points for the system .


Interface Summary
ICategory A Category is a set of Data.
ICategoryManager CategoryManager interface
ICategoryStore Stores Meta Data (Indexed items , things we have spidered , user reaction to links)
IDataExtractor A source of information that we want to extract and add to the knowledgebase (web content , local content etc)
IFeedback Feedback from the user on a previous set of search results.
IFeedbackDataStore Stores information on previous search requests by this way we know the Keywords that are associated with each other
IIndexManager Stores information about things that we wish to search later.
INewInformation A new chunk of information to add to the system
IPlugin Generic Plugin , Makes it easier for the PluginManager to identify and load these classes at runtime.
ISearchQuery A Search term entered by the user.
ISearchResult Results of a Search

Package net.firstpartners.rp.plugins Description

Plugins - extension points for the system . Also contains classes used as parameters / return types from these plugins.